The Official Flag of Mercer County, Ohio

The Board of County Commissioners of Mercer County, Ohio gives special recognition to the following employees of Fanning/Howey Associates, Inc., Celina, Ohio for creating the Mercer County, Ohio flag design:

  • Marlene Abels
  • Vicki Giere
  • Beverly Heffner
  • Steve Hopf
  • Jane Miesse
  • Jon Miller
  • Doug Rich
  • Steve Starnes
  • Joyce Vehorn


On April 4, 2002, the Board of Mercer County Commissioners adopted an official county flag.   The flag design represents Mercer County, Ohio’s pride and strength…

Barn –  Mercer County’s strength and heritage in agricultural is clearly represented by the silhouette of an 1800’s style barn.

Three amber bands –  The three bands across the bottom of the flag represents the different colors of crops as they ripen and are ready for harvest.

Lighthouse –  The lighthouse is a symbol for Grand Lake.  The largest man-made lake in Ohio and a natural resource as well as recreation for Mercer County.

Six Beams of Light –  Each of the six schools in Mercer County is represented by their prevalent school color as a beam of light coming from the lighthouse:  red for St. Henry, orange for Coldwater, gold for Parkway, green for Celina, blue for Marion Local, and purple for Fort Recovery.

Foundation of Lighthouse – The foundation of the lighthouse is comprised of  fourteen stone blocks, representing the fourteen townships in Mercer County, Ohio.