James A. Wiechart, Mercer County Engineer


Mercer County Engineer

Brad Laffin, Operations Manager
Karen Heinrichs, Administrative Assistant
Mark Leininger, Highway Maintenance Superintendent

Departments and Services

The Mission of the Mercer County Engineer’s Office

The primary mission of the Mercer County Engineer is to serve the citizens of Mercer County with safe, superior rural local transportation and drainage systems.

The Mercer County Engineer will complete this mission through the building, maintaining and managing of these rural infrastructure assets in an efficient & cost effective manner in coordination with other local, state and federal partners.

Responsibilities of the Mercer County Engineer’s Office

The Mercer County Engineer’s Office is responsible for maintaining and improving the 385 miles of County roadways and the 381 Bridges on the Mercer County local roads. The County Engineer is the Engineer for the Township Trustees in all of the Mercer County Townships and the Engineer works closely with the Townships on Township roadway maintenance and improvement.

We are a multi-faceted engineering agency covering all phases of local road and transportation development. Some of the more significant areas of our efforts consist of Survey and Design, Road Maintenance and Reconstruction, Bridge and Culvert Construction, Drainage Improvements and Snow & Ice Control.

Your County Engineer, James A. Wiechart, and his staff are responsible for the “construction, reconstruction, maintenance, and repair of all bridges and highways within his county that are under the jurisdiction of the board of county commissioners,” according to the Ohio Revised Code (ORC), Section 5543.01. As of January 1, 2017 the county system in Mercer County includes:

  • 385 miles of roads (center-line miles)
  • 381 bridges
  • 644 culverts
  • 113 ditches under maintenance
  • 51 miles tile
  • 111 miles open ditches

The Ohio Revised Code also states that the county engineer’s office is responsible for the “construction, reconstruction, resurfacing, or improvement of roads by boards of township trustees…” What this means is that the Mercer County Engineer serves as the engineer for the townships and their network of roadways as well. For a specific outline of the duties of the county engineer, please read the Duties of the County Engineer on the “About Us” page.