About Mercer County Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Mercer County EMS is a 9-1-1 based organization located in Mercer County Ohio, approximately 80 miles west of Columbus,  and on the State lines of  Ohio and Indiana. Mercer County EMS provides emergency medical service to a population of 41,000 citizens in a 473 square mile area of West Central Ohio.  Ten square miles includes a 13,500 acre lake on the eastern border of the county, with approximately 2/3 of its area inside Mercer County’s response jurisdiction.  Mercer County EMS responds to approximately 2600 calls for service each year.

Our E.M.S. has both full time, paid employees, as well as volunteers who respond from their homes or places of work.  Mercer County EMS operates with 110 paid and volunteer Paramedics, EMT Advanced, EMT’s, and First Responders based out of 4 stations, operating 10 Advanced Life Support ambulances.

The center of our EMS organization lies in Celina, Ohio, the County Seat for Mercer County, and is located in the responding area of the Celina Fire Department.  There is also an EMS branch in Coldwater and Rockford, Ohio.  Celina houses 4 ambulances, Coldwater and Rockford each have 2 ambulances.  Each ambulance is equipped to handle ALS levels of service.   Mercer County EMS provides paramedic (Advanced Life Support) Emergency Medical Services and water rescue services. Additionally Mercer County EMS provides medical support to the Celina Fire Department Dive Team and provides all rehab services for the ten fire districts that protect Mercer County.

Educational Programs

The Mercer County EMS Training Academy provides initial training opportunities at the EMR, EMT and EMT Advanced levels to residents of Mercer County and the surrounding area.  The training academy and its instructors also provide CPR and First Aid training opportunities to the community.  Multiple continuing education opportunities for Mercer County EMS members are provided free of charge throughout the year and the Celina Fire Department holds a 48 hour paramedic refresher every other year.


  • Celina Fire and EMS
  • 202 N Main St.

    Celina, OH  45822

  • (419) 586-2127
    • Coldwater EMS
    • 500 W. Main St

      Coldwater, OH 45828

    • (419)678-8071
      • Rockford EMS
      • 201 S. Main St

        Rockford, OH  45882

      • (419) 363-3611