Deeds and Mortgages are recorded in the Mercer County Recorder’s Office and are available to the public for inspection and copies during business hours.

You can request a copy by either coming into our office or sending us a written request.  We will need the property address and/or owner(s) name to locate the document.

The fee to obtain a copy if you come into our office will be $2.00 per page. If the deed has been recorded since 1946, it can be obtained on-line from your home computer for free. If you choose to mail us a copy request we will need the following:

  • Property Address and/or Owner(s) Name
  • Correct Fee ($2.00 per page)
  • Self Addressed Stamped Envelope

Please mail your request to:

  • Recorder Julie Peel
  • Mercer County Recorder
    101 N. Main Street, Room 203
    Celina, Ohio 45822

    Documents that pertain to real estate may be recorded in our office.
    When presenting a document it must include the following information: (ORC 317.11 – 317.114)

    • Be signed, dated, and notarized.
    • In order for us to reproduce the document, the entire document must be legible and be an original document. We do not record photocopies.
    • The name of the preparer must appear on the document.
    • Contain a legal description of the real property.
    • It is required that the name of a person be printed, typewritten, or stamped upon such instrument immediately beneath the signature of such person, such signature shall be written upon the instrument directly preceding or above the printed, typewritten, or stamped name.
    • Be in English or accompanied by an English translation.

    If the document is a conveyance of land you must visit the Tax Map and Auditor’s Office prior to submitting it to the Recorder’s Office for recording.

    The correct fee must be submitted at the time of recording.  Our office only accepts checks and cash.  No Credit Cards.  Please make checks payable to the Mercer County Recorder.

    Veterans are encouraged to have their military discharge papers (DD214) recorded in the county Recorder’s Office.

    There is no charge to record or obtain a copy of a military discharge.

    Military discharges have restricted public access.  ORC 317.24 allows authorized parties to request copies of recorded military discharges.  Proper identification MUST be presented to view and receive copies.

    • Authorized parties include:
    • The Veteran who is the subject of the Discharge.
    • A County Veterans Service Officer.
    • An individual with Power of Attorney for the Veteran.
    • An Executor or Administrator of the Veteran’s Estate.
    • A funeral home director.

    Copies of DD214’s must be requested in-person at the Mercer County Recorder’s Office by an authorized individual.

    If you have lost your DD214 and have never recorded it, the Mercer County Veterans Service Office can direct you in obtaining a copy.  Offices are located in Celina with certified Veteran Service Officers accredited with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) available to assist with receiving your DD214, Service Military and Medical Records.  Please call (419) 586-3542 for assistance.

    The Mercer County Recorder is the last office to see any paperwork associated with a Sheriff’s Sale.  At the conclusion of the foreclosure, the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office submits the Sheriff’s Deed to the Recorder for recording.

    The Mercer County Sheriff’s Office maintains a searchable listing of properties that will be going up for sale.

    To view the actual foreclosure suit, you will need to obtain the Case Number associated with the foreclosure and search the Clerk of Courts Website to view the docket.

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