Documentation / Recording Notes

  • Include legal description with all documents submitted for recording
  • Mortgages & releases submitted by mail require a self-addressed stamped return envelope
  • In subsequent related documents, include references to all previously recorded documents
  • All affidavits require the current owner
  • NO MAIL POLICY – we no longer accept deeds and other instruments of conveyance by mail. PLEASE NOTE: deeds, easements, oil and gas leases, land contracts, affidavits of TOD or confirmation, and similar such documents must be hand delivered to each department.
  • Document turnaround time 24 hour by mail; immediate if delivered in person
  • Some state and federal documents require different fees. Contact us at (419) 586-4232 for information.


Deed, Mortgage, Lease and other documents recorded
$34.00 for the first two pages
Additional pages and attachments
$8.00 per additional page after the first two
Non-standard document fee
$20.00 per document
Reference fee
$4.00 per reference
Zoning Resolutions
$50.00 for entire document
Zoning Amendments
$20.00 for entire document