The Mercer SWCD receives, reviews and investigates both allegations of potential pollution and pollution complaints.  Allegations of potential pollution, such as allegations of improper winter manure application, are instances that have the potential to discharge pollutants to waters of the State, but no discharge is occurring to waters of the Sate at the present time.  Procedures to handle nutrients entering waters of the State are specifically outlined in Ohio’s Pollution Abatement Rules.

There are different rules that govern the five different watersheds that lie within Mercer County.  For specific information on manure and/or fertilizer application, please click on the watershed in question located on the Watersheds page of this website.

The Mercer SWCD takes all allegations seriously! If you have a complaint, please provide the most detailed information possible.  This information will allow District staff to effectively respond to and investigate complaints.  Any person alleging a pollution incident or improper application should contact the office at (419) 586-3289 ext. 3.  Be prepared to offer specific information including location of alleged action, type of manure and method of application/incorporation, description of cover in the field, approximate size of application area, etc.

Following an investigation, Mercer SWCD staff will follow-up with the complainant to inform them of the outcome.  Although we do not have authority over issues proven to be nuisance complaints such as odor or flies, we can direct you to the appropriate office.

Mercer SWCD – 419-586-3289 ext. 3
Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) – 419-234-4678