The following items are available for purchase throughout the year at our office.
  • Standard Plat Books (published August 2022) – $20.00
  • Plat Books with Aerial Overlay (published August 2022) – $30.00
  • Marking Flags – $10.00/bundle of 100 (also sold individually for 10¢ each)
  • ‘Danger Liquid Manure Storage’ Sign – $11.00
  • Rain Barrel Kits are for sale for $25. This kit includes everything you need to assemble your rain barrel.
rain barrel kit, hole saws and drill bit, downspout and diverter, water seals, drain with cover, spigot, water seals diverter from downspout to barrel

All you need to provide is a barrel, a drill, and a downspout. The kit has easy-to-read instructions, and installation videos can be found at Rain barrels can be used to water plants, wash cars, rinse off muddy shoes, and for anything else you can think off. It is not recommended to drink from the rain barrel or to water pets. Stop by the Mercer SWCD office to pick up your kit today!

Also available at no cost to Mercer County residents and/or landowners:
  • Ohio Pond Management Handbook (limited availability)
  • Aerial Photos (copies)
    1963/1964, 1969, 1975, and 1982