District Information

The District is managed and directed by a five-member Board of Supervisors, each is elected to serve a three-year term of office.  Supervisors volunteer their time and receive no monetary compensation for their leadership.

The SWCD staff are responsible for carrying out the work of the District including offering conservation education and technical assistance to landowners wishing to install conservation practices on their land.

The staff and Board are committed to working in the areas of animal waste management, water management (drainage), erosion control, water quality improvement, woodland and wildlife habitat improvement, and public education and information.

Board of Supervisors


Kevin Otte

Scott Tobin 2023

Scott Tobin

Garrett Hellwarth 2023

Gerrett Hellwarth

Mike Dues 2023

Mike Dues

Treasurer/Fiscal Agent

Pete Hinders

Public Relations


Ariel Hein

Ariel Hein

District Administrator
Matt Heckler

Matt Heckler

District Technician
Theresa Dirksen

Theresa Dirksen

District Engineer
Kay Holubik 2023

Kay Holubik

District Conservationist, Natural Resources Conservation Service
Mercer SWCD logo,

Conservation Technician Intern
Abby Schritz

Abby Schritz

H2Ohio Technician
Adam Highley

Adam Highley

Nutrient Management Technician
James Couch

James Couch

Watershed Technician

Kyle Fullenkamp

Watershed Technician

Michelle Behm

Assistant Administrator & Outreach Coordinator