Passport & Passport Card Requirements

The following items must accompany your passport book/passport card application (DS 11 form) to our office to be processed. The applicant MUST also be present at the time so we may witness his/her signature on the application. WE MUST WITNESS YOUR SIGNATURE.

  • ONE PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPH (NOW AVAILABLE THROUGH OUR OFFICE): Overall size must be 2″ by 2″ (1″ to 1 3/8″ from top of head to bottom of chin.) Front view only with light background. Picture must have been taken within the last six months and be a good likeness of the bearer. WE NOW TAKE PASSPORT PHOTOS FOR $12.00.  CVS and Wal-Mart also take passport photographs.
  • CERTIFIED COPY of Birth Evidence obtained from the Health Department or Department of Vital Statistics. (Any Ohio Birth Certificate can be obtained at the Mercer County Health Dept) It must contain the signature of the Registrar and their embossed seal. Birth Certificates will be returned.

    • ADULTS: An expired passport should be used in place of the birth certificate, if available.
    • MINORS: The Birth Certificate is required in addition to the expired passport. (to show who parents are as this information is not shown on their passport)
  • CHECK OR MONEY ORDER for $130.00 for a passport book/$30.00 for a passport card for adults. (new fees effective 12/27/2021)  For applicants under the age of 16, $100.00 for a passport book/$15.00 for a passport card. Adult passports are good for 10 years and under the age of 16 are good for 5 years.

  • A $35.00 APPLICATION FEE paid directly to the “CLERK OF COURTS” upon processing of application. This needs to be a separate payment. It can be cash, money order, credit or debit card (a convenience fee of $2.00 will be charged when using a credit/debit card) NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • PLEASE BRING DRIVER’S LICENSE OR STATE-ISSUED ID. Passport application should be filled out by the applicant and must be printed in BLACK ink or typed.


To be eligible to use DS82 form “Renewal Application for Eligible Individuals” you must:
  • Have been issued a U.S. Passport in your name within the past 15 years
  • Submit your most recent U.S. Passport with the application
  • Have been age 16 or older when your most recent passport was issued
  • Send proper fees and your passport photo

If you have any questions, please call Karen, Katie R., Katie P., or Jennifer at (419) 586-6461 or visit US Department of State’s website at

When expediting and sending express mail, there will be an additional charge for postage of $27.10.  The payment to the “US Dept of State” will be $208.32 ($18.32 for express mail) (effective 1/10/2022) to include express mail return postage.

**PLEASE NOTE – if you are expecting a name change (DS 5504 form) within a year of your passport being issued, please ask for additional information**