David E. Wolters


M: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
T-F: 8:30AM to 4:00 PM

David E. Wolters
  • Mercer County Treasurer
  • 101 North Main Street
  • Room 201
  • Celina, OH 45822



The Treasurer’s Office offers various payment options for

  • ACH (Auto Pay) payment option
    1. The Mercer County Treasurer's Office is implementing the ACH withdrawal for payment of Real Estate and Manufactured/Mobile Home taxes and Sewer Assessment. There is no charge for this service.
    2. The funds will automatically be withdrawn from your bank or savings account when due.
    3. You will no longer have to write a check.
    4. Your taxes will always be paid on time.
    5. Your taxes will be paid even when you are on vacation or sick.
    6. You will be receiving your tax bill letting you know how much will be withdrawn from your account.
    7. If you change banks or account numbers it is your responsibility to notify the Treasurer's Office.
    8. Any time there are insufficient funds in the account the taxes will be marked as unpaid.
    9. Any time you wish to withdraw from the plan a written notice must be received by the Treasurer's Office.
    10. If interested please contact the Treasurer's Office.

  • Delinquent Monthly Plan
    1. The delinquency is divided into any number of months ( 2 thru 24) with a payment due each month. Current taxes must be paid timely as they become due. With this type of plan the taxpayer receives a coupon booklet showing the installment amount due each month. If payments are not made when due the contract is considered void and the property is subject to foreclosure.

  • Escrow Plan
    1. This is the most popular arrangement.
    2. This plan allows the taxpayers to prepay on future taxes. Coupon booklets are mailed to the taxpayer in August so that monthly payments can be accumulated in advance for the next tax due date. The Treasurer applies these to the tax bill at collection time.

Additional payments can be made on the contracts at any time, or a contract can be paid off early without penalty.

For additional information please contact the Treasurers Office at 419-586-2259.