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    Chapter 955 of the Ohio Revised Code lists the county dog warden’s duties.  They include:


  • Issuing dog licenses when deputized by the County Auditor;
  • Keeping a record of the tags sold and dogs “owned, kept and harbored” in the county;
  • Seizing dogs that are inhumanely treated;
  • Patrolling the county to impound unregistered (unlicensed) dogs;
  • Notifying the owner if there dog is impounded;
  • Recommending enclosed pens and the purchase of liability insurance to owners of dogs bred as protection animals;
  • Quarantine of a dog if it has bitten a human;
  • Disposing of unclaimed dogs through either sale, donation to authorized programs, or humane death.


Dog wardens and deputies have “the same police powers as are conferred upon sheriffs and police officers in the performance of their duties… ” (Ohio Revised Code 955.12).


Section 955.24 also state “No person shall obstruct or interfere with anyone lawfully engaged in capturing an unregistered dog or making an examination of a dog wearing a tag.”