DelinquentParcels.pdf Parcels Delinquent as of January 4, 2018 by District 290 KB 01-04-2018 Microsoft Excel file that contains most of the important fields from the Real Estate Database - 1st Row contains field names. See Mercer Table Field Descriptions for details. 15.5 MB 01-04-2018 Contains Parcel Shape Files of Entire County - NAD 83, Ohio North State Plane, Feet
Link to MercerTable via Map Number (NOT Parcel Number).
4.1 MB 09-20-2017 Contains 01_map.dwg thru 17_map.dwg - Basemap of Areas 01 - 17 in AutoCAD 14 format 25.5 MB 09-20-2017 Contains Road Centerline shapefile and other related data files 1 MB 03-04-2015
MercerCountyOH2015.sid MrSID aerial image of entire county captured Spring 2015 9.35 GB 06-12-2015