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Giving Mercer County Families a helpful hand in fulfilling their potential.

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Mercer County Job and Family Services


What is PRC? Prevention Services: Services provided with the intent to divert an Assistance Group from ongoing cash assistance, Retention Services: Services provided with the intent of allowing an employed, adult caretaker in an AG to maintain earned income and employment,Contingency Services: Services provided with the intent to meet an emergent need, which threatens the health, safety or well-being of one or more assistance group members. PRC is designed to serve eligible Mercer County Families by encouraging families to attain and retain employment, prevent dependency and promote family stability.

What is an Assistance Group? An AG is composed of one or two adult caretakers and their minor child(ren), including step-child or natural children, for whom they have assumed responsibility. The AG must include at least one minor child (An individual under age eighteen (18), or eighteen but not yet nineteen (19), and is a full-time student in a secondary school or its vocational or technical equivalent) or a woman whose pregnancy is medically verified or a noncustodial parent who has a legal obligation to pay child support for a child living in Ohio to be a valid AG for PRC purposes.

Shelter Expenses: Assistance with rent requires a written notice to leave the premises from the landlord, unless moving into HUD housing. Emergency Shelter is only for an individual(s) living in a domestic violence shelter, to allow these individuals to move from the shelters. Utilities require a shut off notice. $450 maximum per 1-year period, Shelter expenses can be utilized no more than 2 times every 1-year period.

Work-Related Expenses: Verification of current and substantial employment required
Fees: An eligible person may receive assistance with vehicle insurance, vehicle payments, driver's license reinstatement fees*(* fees limited to one time only and shall not include fees due to OVI or traffic fatalities or equivalent) up to $400 per year.
Fuel & Travel Expense To and From Employment: One time assistance is available to pay for JARC co-pay or LACCA transport fee up to $450 or $100 to any outside provider (may include a cab company, busing company or a relative or acquaintance. **After 30 days of employment, continuing assistance is available for fuel expenditures in the form of $20 vouchers up to $100 per month, with a limit of $600 per year.
Vehicle Repair: Assistance is available to qualified persons for vehicle repairs up to $3000 for one 36 month time period provided the vehicle is the only available vehicle in the household. Requests for vehicle repair shall be limited to the lowest of 3 quotes of a business registered to perform vehicle repair with the Secretary of State and have a sales tax reporting number from the county auditor. Vehicle repair excludes motorcycles.
Employment-Related Accessories: Assistance is also available for safety related and required shoes, uniforms and equipment necessary for employment up to $250 per year.

If you feel you may qualify for services or if you have questions regarding Mercer County's PRC Program,
please contact Mandee Slavik at:

419-586-5106 ext 529 / 220 W Livingston Street, Suite 10, Celina OH 45822

Revised 1/4/16

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