Mercer County Board of Elections


101 North Main Street

Suite 107 1st Floor
Celina, Ohio  45822
(419) 586-2215 PH

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Laura Bruns Deb Sneddon
    Director  Deputy Director




Applications for Absentee and Early Voting

     11-A Absentee Voting Application (Fill in Form)

     11-B Application for Voter - Election Day Hospital Stay (Fill in Form)

     Absentee Ballot Request for uniformed service members, their families, members of the organized militia and their families and other overseas U.S. citizens (link to the Federal Voting Assistance Program)

     11-E Early Voting Application for Family of Military or Overseas Absent Voter Ballot (Fill in Form)

     11-F Application for Absent Voter's Ballot by Voter Requiring Assistance (Fill in Form)

     11-I Application by Voter Required to Vote Provisional Ballot Under R.C.3503.16 (Fill in Form)





Board Members

Phil Long                       Del Kramer                      Craig O. Klopfleisch                      Toni Slusser

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